While Yoder Construction primarily focuses on being a Council Bluffs custom home builder, we also have expertise and many other construction areas as well. The great thing about working with a firm like Yoder Construction is that there’s nothing that we cannot handle when it comes to your construction project. While custom homes can be very expensive, Yoder Construction offer solutions that some customers will find more affordable to still build the home of their dreams. If you were curious on the costs please pick up the phone to give us a call and we will be glad to give you a free estimate.

Custom Homes

If you are in need of a Council Bluffs custom home builder, then look no further than Yoder Construction. Yoder Construction has been building custom homes for over two decades and would love to get started on your next project. We understand that building a custom home is an expensive enterprise which is why we make it easy to get started. We will work with you throughout every detail of the process to make sure that you can build the custom home that you’ve wanted. If you look at our online reviews you’ll find many satisfied customers expressing how much they love their new custom home after we finish building it. Please visit our gallery on our website or the pictures on our Google Business listing, or even, to see the various custom homes that we have built. Whether you wanted a style that’s mid-century modern, farmhouse, or any other type of home, we can build it all here at Yoder Construction. To get started on the process, pick up the phone and give us a call and we love to schedule an initial appointment with you.


For many people, building a custom home may not be the best solution for what they are looking for currently. While we pride ourselves in being the top rated Council Bluffs custom home builder, we also offer remodeling services as well. A remodel is typically much less expensive than building a custom home and allows you to still live in the home of your dreams without the cost, time, and effort that is necessary to build a custom home. Whether you are wanting to build your dream kitchen that you’ve always wanted, or a master bathroom that could be equated to the most high-end spas of the world, we can do it all here at Yoder Construction. Don’t forget to schedule an appointment with us to get started on the process so that we can give you your free quote quickly.


Spring weather in the midwest can be one of the most destructive forces that many midwesterners will ever experience. Colossal storms and tornadoes are never predictable, so it’s important that you always have a way to make sure that your family is safe during these storms. In addition to being a Council Bluffs custom home builder, Yoder Construction also installs storm rooms as well. These storm rooms do not require you to do a full house remodel or custom home build in order to take advantage of their safety. We have a wide variety of options that will keep you safe during the worst storms that you may ever encounter. One of our storm rooms can even sustain the weight of a semi truck being placed directly on the storm room itself. Don’t take a chance with nature while living in the midwest, give us a call today to make sure that you and your family stay safe during the next terrible storm. We love to give you a free quote on your next stormroom.


Are you trying to sell your home but are in need of a new roof in order to make the sale? Have you recently gone through a bad storm that has torn your roof apart? Do you need help working with your insurance provider in order to file a claim for a new roof? If any of these questions resonated with you then go ahead and give us a call. While we primarily focus on being the top Council Bluffs custom home builder, we can also handle any roofing project as well. One of the great things about working with Yoder Construction for your next roofing project is that you get all of the same benefits that any customer who works with us gets as well. This includes free estimates, satisfaction guaranteed, and working with the highly skilled and experienced company. It’s sometimes hard to trust a roofer because you’re not aware of their background. But luckily with the dozens of online reviews you can trust us here at Yoder Construction. Give us a call today if you need help!

Commercial Work

Do you need a professional contractor to handle a large commercial job that you have coming up? Yoder Construction not only does Council Bluffs custom home builder projects but we also do commercial work as well. If you need a building built from the ground up, or just need to renovate your office to make it look more fun and inviting, then give us a call today. Yoder Construction is very skilled and experienced in a variety of commercial jobs and will definitely be able to handle your next project as well. When you work with us you’ll be working with a firm that’s bringing 20 years of both residential and commercial building experience to the table. If you’d like to get a free estimate on your next commercial project, then pick up the phone and give us a call today and we would love to bid that job for you. It’s time that you upgraded your working environment by making it a place that you love working in.

Government Work

Yoder Construction is capable of also doing government work as well. The government is often in need of a contractor that they can trust and there’s no better contractor to serve the government then Yoder Construction. We love to serve our country through offering them construction services at a reasonable price. If you’re in need of a Council Bluffs home builder to do your next government project give us a call today.