About Us

About Us – The Yoder Construction Story

Yoder Construction was founded in 1998 with a desire to be a better Council Bluffs custom home builder and contractor for their customers. After viewing the landscape of current contractors Bryan Yoder, founder and owner of Yoder Construction, knew that better service and a solution for customers who needed construction was necessary. Bryan understood the negative reputation that contractors had gained was not unfounded but rather was due to a consistent lack of delivery, missed expectations, and poor follow through that other contractors had demonstrated to their customers while hired to complete projects. WIth a passion to provide a better alternative with the values of integrity, high quality craftsmanship, and on time delivery, Yoder Construction was born.

Yoder Construction Inc. has a reputation as a premier Council Bluffs custom home builder and provider of storm repairs, roofing, siding, and gutters. Our ability to provide the ultimate client experience, combined with the best products in the industry, helps us give homeowners a value that is unmatched.

With well over a decade of industry experience, owner Bryan Yoder has seen every aspect of the renovations industry including installation, project management and sales. Along with his beautiful wife and four small children, Bryan’s goal is to give back into the community.

Yoder Construction is founded on Bryan’s faith, passion for the industry, and drive for excellence. Our goal is to exceed the expectations of clients in every way by excellent communication, proper timelines, punctuality, and clean job sites. With an excellent reputation in Southwest Iowa, we will make your dreams for your home a reality in a way that is customized specifically for you. If you’d like to learn more about Yoder Construction Inc. and our commitment to serve you, please contact us or give us a call at (402) 980-0100.

Due to their ability to deliver excellence in everything that they do, Yoder Construction has gone on to win multiple awards, being recognized by the Council Bluffs custom home builder community as a premier builder. Yoder Construction has won the “Best of Houzz” Award for two years in a row, both in 2015 and 2016. This prestigious award is only given to the best contractors in a specific geography and recognizes a contractor’s ability to deliver the highest-quality results to customers. This award comes from a website called Houzz.com which is meant to be a resource for customers that provides detailed information about contractors and builders highlighting their past projects and overall reputation. Feel free to view Yoder Construction Houzz profile today to see more reviews and photography of past work that the company has completed.

In addition to these Council Bluffs custom home builder Awards, Yoder Construction has also received a certification from the Better Business Bureau as being a Better Business Bureau Accredited Business. If you view the Yoder Construction listing on the Better Business Bureau website you’ll find that they have an A+ rating, a rating Yoder Construction has maintained from the BBB since 2011. The company has maintained this track record for nearly 10 years, giving you confidence necessary when making a decision about your next contractor. Along with reviews on Houzz and Better Business Bureau, Yoder Construction also has over a dozen five star reviews on Google.

Whenever you’re choosing your contractor or Council Bluffs custom home builder for your next project, you should always think objectively about who you’re choosing. One way that you can be certain that you’re making the right decision is by viewing the reviews and asking the contractor for references from past customers. Remain cautious when choosing a contractor that does not have multiple five star reviews from a multitude of review sites and referrals from past customers. Without these things, one does not have the ability to determine whether or not past customers have been satisfied. You can remain confident that with Yoder Construction you will be satisfied with the work that we do because of our certifications, dozens of online reviews, and referrals that we can offer prospective customers.

Our Values:

Integrity: It sometimes seems that many contractors have forgotten the importance of operating with integrity. We simply define integrity as following through with what we said we are going to do, regardless of circumstances that may arise during the process. Whenever you’re working with a Council Bluffs custom home builder or contractor, it typically is an expensive venture. With a project that is so costly we believe that Integrity needs to be one of the most important principles that a construction company operates by. Without integrity, one will lose trust with their customers and the business will begin to suffer as a result.

High Quality Craftsmanship: Another value that we hold very dearly is the importance we place on high quality craftsmanship. When working with Yoder Construction, you’ll be working with a team of veterans, experts, and masters in the construction industry. With over two decades of construction and home building experience. There’s no problem that will surprise us or that we can’t handle. In addition to our experience, we also place a very high priority on using the best materials for your project. We understand that there’s a budget for every project, which is why we will make sure to use the very best materials for your project regardless of your budget. Whenever you work with us you won’t be working with a company that cuts corners.

Proper Timelines & Punctuality: Isn’t it frustrating whenever your time is not respected or considered? We understand the feeling, which is why we place such importance on punctuality and proper timelines. At Yoder Construction we place a great emphasis on respecting our customers time in everything that we do. This is why commit to being punctual and giving you a realistic deadline that we can stick to and that you can rely on. Our goal is to complete your project as quickly as possible without compromising our standards of excellence, but with so many variables that can be a complicated process. That is why we take such time to plan on each detail for project and make sure you’re kept in the loop the entire time.

Exceeding Expectations: We also strive to exceed our customers expectations whenever they work with us. We are great believers in the, “under-promise over-deliver” principle. We have found that by operating by this principle ensures our longevity as a business. We have found that if we always deliver more than what was promised to our customers, the customer will always leave satisfied. If you are looking for a contractor that will exceed your expectations, then look no further than Yoder Construction today.